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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

While this might be a little late, I figured I'd share some of my Easter experience this year with you.  Easter weekend was a super busy weekend for us this year when it came to family events.  A few days before Good Friday, my husband's aunt hit the big 50.  We had our little egg hunt on Good Friday and had an extended family gathering/surprise 50th bash on Saturday, and Easter day was my husband and I's third wedding anniversary and our nieces fifth birthday.  So, yeah, we were a little busy.

My three day weekend turned out to be a lot like work except there was no pay check when it was over.  Don't get me wrong, I loved spending time with our family, my kids and husband especially, but it's not how I envisioned my three day weekend.  When I realized I got Good Friday off (even if it was unpaid), my first thought was:  Yes!  Three day weekend!  Okay, well, when you have three day weekends or any vacation time and holidays are mixed it the bunch... Ugh.  It's not much of a "vacation", in my opinion.

Friday was great.  My husband and I decided to have an egg hunt for our children this year because his family is often on the brink of war so you never know what's going to happen.  My two nieces and nephew really close and so we had it at their house (to avoid the inevitable dog poop in my back yard).  It was so much fun!  Kind of made me wish we could have an adult egg hunt.  I really want to do a glow in the dark egg hunt!  Maybe I'll find an excuse to do something like that anyway, because I'm not sure if I can wait until Easter next year.

Saturday we had to be at a relative's house at 11AM for the egg hunt that we knew wasn't going to start on time.  I, of course, was metaphorically kicking and screaming like my two year-old used to do because I didn't understand why I had to get up so early on my Saturday off work.  Don't judge me.  It was an hour drive to get there and so I had to get up around 8:30AM.  Through all my grumbling, we still went and I think we were even on time!

My grumpy, party-pooping self planned on dragging my husband out of there by 3PM, but I don't think we ended up leaving until 8PM or so.  We topped the night off with lasagna around 10PM or so.  Needless to say, it was a long day.  It wasn't a bad day or anything, but there went two days of my vacation.

Sunday was a beautiful day.  My baby boy and I went to the park.  We even took my dog Bo.  We had him climbing through tunnels and going down the slide.  Needless to say, it was a bright blip in my weekend of busy, busy, busy.


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