Gettin' In Shape or Burning Off Mega Stuf Oreos?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

So, Nabisco released the Mega Stuf Oreo cookies and I nearly fainted walking past them in the grocery store.  I, of course, have purchased three packages of these decadent cookies since their Limited Edition release.  While one blogger suggests they taste exactly the same as Double Stuf cookies, I'm going to disagree with her.  I think the Mega Stuf cookies are at least twice as good and I'm definitely on the creme side of the cookie vs. creme debate, just so y'know.  However, I do agree that it's annoying that they can't spell "stuff" correctly.

So, at about 90 calories a cookie, I'm thinking I probably should have skipped the Mega Stuf Oreos.  Afterall, I went to the gym 3 days a week for the past two weeks and I think that might have all been in vain considering last week I ate a package of these delicious cookies to myself.  I burn roughly 200 to 250 calories each visit to the gym, not counting whatever I might do with weights where calories burned is not kept track of for me.  At that rate, I only burn about 7 cookies per week.  FUDGE!  And here I thought I was getting into shape.

However, I have cut pop out of my diet, except for the occasional drink at a bar.  I tried ordering water at the bar last night and my water tasted flavored by old alcohol residue.  It was gross.  Probably the glass, but I ended up with a coke before the night was over.

I am really excited about my new gym habits and can't wait to go more, but I do need to think about what I'm eating more.  Mega Stuf oreos are not going to help me get into shape.


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