Movie Review: Warm Bodies

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

With much of the world's population now an undead horde, R is a young and introspective zombie. While fighting with and feeding on a human scavenger party, R meets Julie and feels an urge to protect her. What happens next is the beginning of a strangely warm relationship that allows R to begin regaining his humanity. As this change spreads through the local undead population like a virus, Julie and R eventually have to face a larger issue when the very nature of their friendship is challenged. Caught between the paranoid human forces and the ferocious "Bonies", zombies who are a mutual threat, R and Julie must find a way common bond bridge the differences each sides must overcome so that they all fight for a better world no one thought possible.. -IMDb

You know, I was all like:  "I've got to review Warm Bodies, because I just watched it!"  Well that was several days ago, and now I'm feeling like I don't know what to write.  Shit!  So, if this review is crappy (because it certainly will be), just pretend like it's awesome, like it should be.

Mini Cherry Pie: Becuase Mini Is Always Better, Right?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

So I love cherry pie.  However, I just recently made one myself for the first time.  Holy shit, why didn't somebody tell me it would be so easy?  You can buy the cherry pie filling and some frozen crusts and ta-da you've got a cherry pie!

Well, feeling a sweet craving assault coming on, I decided to make another cherry pie.  After searching all over the kitchen, I couldn't find my pie pan.  NOW WHAT!  Now, I must have cherry pie because I'd already decided I was making one so I had to have one.

By now my crust had sat out and thawed and I was all pouty, but managed to still be creative (ha!).  I grabbed my cupcake pan and started tearing my pie crusts to pieces.  I smooshed the crust into the cupcake pans and spooned in cherry pie filling.  Then I tore apart more crust and smooshed it into the already-there crust and made these teensy little cherry pies.  Needless to say, I was very proud of myself.

I cooked them for the same amount of time as was listed on the pie crust box (which I think was around 12 minutes?) and they turned out to be this beautiful, delicious, masterpiece.  Even my husband was impressed!  They popped out easily and always kept their shape.

I can't say I'd advise eating them simply with your hands, even though my husband and brother didn't use a plate between them.  They may crumble/fall apart or whatever while holding them and taking bites, like you would a cupcake.  So, a plate might be worthwhile.  If you're careful though, you should be fine.

I'd say, this was a majorly delicious success!

Top 10 Celebrity MILFs

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Today is Mother's Day and I would like to wish all the moms I know a peaceful and stress-free day.  I hope you get to ignore your house chores and that your husbands will change the diapers and maybe even make you breakfast and let you sleep in 'til 10:00AM!

We all know that I am easily distracted when online, so it's no surprise that today I stumbled across Snooki's 10 Hottest MILFs video!  I'm so behind the times.  I'm not really familiar with Snooki except for a few headlines and video blips I've seen of her.  I did recently hear someone say that motherhood has transformed her (in a good way), so I guess that's good, right?

Anyway, I don't know what I was going to write about today (I forgot sometime during sleep), but Snooki has inspired me to give my own MILF list.  In case you're behind the times, MILF stands for Mother I'd Like to Fuck AKA hot mamas.  If you have a teenage boy or were once a teenage boy, you're probably familiar with this term (or if your mom was hot when you were in high school).

So, while I your list is fine I guess, Sooki... I think there were some really hot mamas missing and a few that didn't belong at all!

So here goes my Top 10 Celebrity MILFs

Why I Never Get Anything Done Online

Have a I mentioned that I'm gone 50 hours a week for work or work-related driving?  Yeah, well, I am.  It sucks.  A lot.  I love what I do, but...damn.  I really wish I could see my own family more.

Anyway, when I'm not working (or driving to and from work), I'm usually working on homework or cleaning.  You'd think when I got the time to sit down at the computer, I'd manage my free time better.  WRONG!

Facebook, we all know, is like the biggest distraction in the world.  I think every woman with one has fallen victim to scrolling down, down, down through the news feed and getting tangled in the web of sharing and liking and commenting.  Ugh.  I do that waaaaay too much, considering how limited my supply of free time is.

While scrolling down, down, down through my news feed, I come across awesome (and not-so-awesome) stories that distract me even further.

For example, apparently Ford had this awesome ad featuring the Kardashians bound and gagged (presumably by Paris Hilton) in the back of a Ford Figo.  Well, they pulled the ad, but I think that's a shame.  Seems pretty legit to me!

Or how about this cute little girl who was adopted as an embryo and then carried and birthed by her adoptive mother?

Then I found this awesomely disturbing Halloween costume!

And then another touching story about a baby who was in ice for 3 days in order to save her life!

I even found a list of 7 things you can steal from your kids, guilt free.  I can't wait to talk more about this one later!  Especially the controversy surrounding the diary being on this list.

So, as you can see, it's really hard to stay focused.  Oh look!  Something shiny!

Super Dad: A Dad Who Stands Up For His Son & Against Bullies

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I know this went viral not to long ago.  I know that I saw it on Facebook weeks ago, but it's really a story worth sharing.  I think all of us that love our children and especially if your child has ever been bullied can respect this father.
I stand behind my son in the fight against bullying. Please 'like' and 'share' to send a message loud and clear that bullying needs to stop now. Tell school districts that protecting bullies by turning a blind eye is wrong. Shame on Kaukauna area schools for protecting a bully in their school.
Courtesy of Matthew Bent via the Stir.
You can find the story here at the Stir or just google Matthew Bent. There are many ways this could have been handled, but I think this dad picked an awesome, effective, non-violent way to spread his message.

21 Somewhat Ridiculous Things Our Parents Said & So Will You

Monday, April 29, 2013

This list hardly covers all the things I heard as a child, but I think it covers the more ridiculous/stupid ones.  Of course, many of these have or will be repeated by me and other now-parents.  Why can't we stop this repetitive nonsense?
  1. Because I said so.
  2. I brought you into this world and I can take you out.
  3. I'll knock you into next week.
  4. Because I told you to.
  5. Because I'm your mom/dad.
  6. Because I'm the parent.
  7. Do what I say, not what I do.
  8. When I was your age...blah, blah, blah.
  9. Do you want a spanking?
  10. You'll understand when you're older.
  11. It'll put hair on your chest.
  12. It'll make you grow up big and strong.
  13. Money doesn't grow on trees.
  14. If whats-his-face jumps off a bridge, are you going to jump too?
  15. Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about.
  16. Don't make me come in there.
  17. How many times do I have to tell you?
  18. I've had it up to here with you.
  19. It's my house, my rules.
  20. As long as you live in my house, I'm the boss.
  21. Were you born in a barn?

I'm A Barbie Girl, In A Barbie World

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Holy crap!  This is just another case of me not being able to resist clicking something.  Seriously though, who can resist clicking a human barbie doll ad?

I think it's her face more than her body though, in my opinion.  She looks so surreal.
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