Cereal & Other Box Upcycling: Organizing Children's Books

Monday, April 15, 2013

I think this the project that started it all for me, when it comes to upcycling boxes.  Believe it or not, it was not something I discovered via Pintrest.  Instead, another preschool teacher, whose break I cover daily, uses this method in her classroom (to some extent).  For this project, I used cereal boxes, a packing box (similar to diaper box size), and other miscellaneous boxes.

My children have quite a few books and, honestly, I didn't realize no many until I was organizing them and stuffing the last one in.  Before they were all strewn across this shelf above their toy box, but now they're in this nifty little combination of boxes.

I've yet to decide on a permanent place for their book box, but I might just leave it downstairs. This is where it has been been since I finished it.  This project basically requires you have two items: boxes and a pair of scissors.  Just like in my organizing tupperware post, I took off one set of flaps, cut at an angle, and then straight across.  For the larger box, I cut off all flaps and cut a sort of smoothed V shape in the front.  Then, there you have it.

As always, feel free to decorate however you like or not at all.

How are your children's books organized?  Do you like this method? Why or why not?


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