Favorite Finds Fridays: Baby Girl Names

Friday, March 15, 2013

So, this is something new I've been wanting to start.
Favorite Finds Fridays
You don't have to favor all the things I do.  Heck, you can hate all these things I tell you are awesome.  That's okay.  However, I'm still going to share with you the things I think are pretty neat.  Someone, somewhere may appreciate it.

Anyway, this week I've been noticing girl names that I adore.  This is probably because I have two sons and haven't been able to flex my creative girl name juices.  Naming a child is a huge responsibility; and something I don't think some parents take seriously enough.  For me, I like modern and trendy while still being sophisticated and classic.  Also, I aim for unique without being overcomplicated.  Therefore, my children will not be named after food and they will not need to be in middle school before they can properly write/spell/say their own name.  Come on, people! 

Can you at least consider how hard it is for a four year-old to spell Allyvia versus Olivia or Alyxsis versus Alexis.  These poor children who are just learning the already messed up and contradictory rules of the English language are given even more difficulty because there parents can't just sound it out and spell it how it sounds.   Anyway, end of rant time.  Now it's time to see the pretty names I like (this week, at least).
  1. Lily
  2. Nella
  3. Rory
  4. Alayna or Elena
  5. Estella
  6. Gemma
  7. Sophia
Image originally from Killian Stock.


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