Cereal & Other Box Upcycling: Organizing Canned Goods

Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm sharing this organization tip/craft, even though I'm still not sure if this arrangement will continue long-term for me.  When I first discovered this idea and pinned it to my DIY House Cleaning & Organization Pinboard, I was super excited to try it.

At the time, I was fortunate enough (I suppose you could say) to have purchased several 12 packs of pop that week.  As the boxes emptied, I saved them.  Finally I three emptied out and I was ready to start organizing my canned vegetables.  First I tried the method that is most commonly shown around Pintrest, and that is to cut a little square in the back to insert cans in.

 Personally, I did not like this method.  I ended up cutting off the entire top of the box (it's better explained by the pictures).  Then front where you will have opened the pop case might need to be reinforced with tape, as these cans place a little more burden on the box than cans of soda.

My boxes are side-by-side in a bottom cabinet because it was the only one deep enough to fit the pop cases.  This is my biggest pet peeve about the whole thing.  However, I'm not ready to go rearranging my kitchen after I already did so a few weeks ago.  The pros of this method of organizing/storing your canned goods range from optimizing space to knowing at-a-glance what needs blights from the grocery store.  You might even want to prettify your box with duct tape, scrapbook paper, fabric, or wrapping paper.

What are smoother ways to organize canned goods or other places in the kitchen? Have you tried this method/project?  What did you think of it?  Thanks for reading.


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