Unexpected Sweetness

Friday, February 8, 2013

So, on occasion, I have been known to go a little crazy with the dry erase marker and leave corny, sappy love notes on every dry-erase-friendly surface. My husband enjoys lovingly teasing me about it when I do, taunting me about how "cute" I am; all the while infuriating me and making me blush, at the same time.

Anyway, rolling out of bed at 7ish Tuesday morning and turning off my alarm (I really, really wanted to hit snooze again and go back to bed!), I almost don't notice the piece of notebook paper haphazardly stuck under the alarm clock. If I wasn't so anal about attempting to have a perfectly clean house, I might not have noticed it. After all, crap accumulates in weird places all the time. Deodorant on the kitchen counter? Whatever. Dan's clothes from yesterday on the dining room floor? Not weird, at all.

A piece of notebook paper under the alam clock? Now, that I find to be something worth investigating. Of course, it turns out to be a little note from the hubby directing me to other notes. Gabe was, at this point, latched on to my leg. He wanted some mommy attention before I went to work. So together we ventured downstairs to discover what daddy had in store.

It turns out, on Daniel's trip to exchange my oil filter (for the right one) and buy us some more hangers, he'd picked me up a nice peacoat! I haven't owned a coat in at least six years. I know what you're thinking. How in the heck did you manage that? Well as a teenager I would just wear my hoodie. Since being with Daniel I'd either take me of his coats or hoodies and/or layer up. Seemed to work so far.

I was delighted! To be honest, though, the sweet note on the dry erase board was my favorite part of the surprise. A few sweet words from my rough hubby is enough to make me go all gooey inside. I'm probably not going to share it, because it's just for us. Rest assured, it was very sweet of him.

So that's how I had a wonderful Tuesday! Do you ever give or receive random I love you gifts or declarations?


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