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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So it's been awhile, as I suppose always happens when I start a blog.  Of course, I'm really trying this time (not that it's evident).  Yesterday, I was struck by just how badly I wanted to write about the book series I was reading.  I really, really wanted to share my love (and possible obsession) with this particular series and the characters in it.

Last year or maybe before that, I discovered The Iron Fey, a books series about a new race of fey that threaten the Oldbloods (original fey of Winter and Summer). The books are written by Julie Kagawa, and I've added her other books to my mental list of must-reads (I should make that an actual list, to be honest).

My favorite book is probably the third, The Iron Queen, for reasons I'm not going to share...so as not to spoil some of the story for you.  I was surprised at how riveted I was by this story because this was the second time I'd read it and I could not put it down.  My husband and co-workers can attest to my obsessive reading, whenever possible.  I started the first book, The Iron King, on Monday last week.  I just finished the fourth book, The Iron Knight, last night and read the final enovella today.

I love the world and characters that Julie has created.  Even though she writes in a PG-13 format (although the romance could likely be G rated), I am deeply affected by the love, friendships, battles, etc. of this series.  I am very in love with the characters (especially a certain Winter prince), and loved reimmersing myself in Julie's world.

This is my small, but heartfelt tribute to her.  Even the second time, I loved this series.   Also, it's inspired me.  It makes me want to write, not just blog, but write...as I haven't done in a long time.  Thank you Julie!  I can't wait to read The Lost Prince!


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